Our Story

We are a freshly established financial advisory firm but our roots are embedded deep in the history of one of Australia’s founding and longest running financial advice businesses. We provide advice on a wide range of financial strategies and keep our clients as the central focus in everything we do.

In collaboration with our clients we aim to provide sound, strategic based advice for all their financial needs and aspirations to help build, protect and manage sufficient assets in order to support their desired lifestyle goals. We offer our clients clear direction and personal service and see ourselves as advisers that are not only conservative in approach, but also educators and importantly we are here for the long haul.

Here at Rowland Financial Advisory we have listened to our clients and taken into account current industry trends to put together our core set of beliefs.  It’s who we are, it’s what we do and it’s how we add value to our existing clients.  It’s an approach we take on every day and we wouldn’t have it any other way.   See what you think and check out our Why videos to see why we do what we do and what it means to be an adviser in our business.

Our Value

We listen, we understand, and we follow through. We are educators who believe in delivering sensible, well-balanced, strategic-based advice tailored to suit your individual financial needs and aspirations. We are conservative in approach and commit to helping build, protect and manage your financial strategy to support you in reaching your lifestyle goals.  No matter what stage of life you’re in, our expert advisers are here to help.

Our Belief

  • We believe that strategic financial direction can be simplified
  • We believe, while important, it’s not just about the performance of your portfolio
  • We believe in protecting the longevity of your retirement nest egg from, and for, your family
  • We believe your health is important so we aim to improve financial certainty
  • We believe the estate planning process is extremely important
  • We believe in sticking with what you’re good at, your core values, your core skill set.  We understand the benefits of a good accountant, solicitor and mortgage broker and have access to professionals in these fields who share our values. 
  • Simply, we believe in getting it right.

Our Aim

We provide clear direction and personal service through all stages of life that assist you in meeting your desired outcome.  We will work with other like-minded professionals when needed to ensure all aspects of your financial strategy are covered, for you.  We aim to:

  1. Ensure ease of management is built into your strategic direction.  Keep it simple and in terms you can understand
  2. Reduce Risk in your investment portfolio through sound portfolio management
  3. Ensure strong diversification across asset classes and leading investment managers worldwide
  4. Utilise cash flow in the most efficient manner – this is what drives your wealth
  5. Employ tax saving strategies to help maximise wealth
  6. Reduce debt at appropriate levels and in the right order
  7. Appropriately manage the longevity risk in your investment and retirement strategy
  8. Ensure correct Centrelink entitlements are achieved where appropriate
  9. Protect you and your family in the event of injury or illness at all stages of life
  10. Ensure your estate planning needs are handled with the respect they deserve